Accounting and Information Systems

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems (ACIS) offers an undergraduate degree in business with a major in accounting and information systems. Two options offered: 1) accounting (ACCT), which prepares students for accounting careers in audit and assurance, as well as the accumulating and reporting of financial, managerial, and tax information; and 2) information systems audit (ISA), which prepares students to give assurance on both the financial reports of businesses and the information systems that support businesses.

These programs help prepare students to be professionals who develop and provide information to  facilitate improved decision-making in organizations.

Virginia Tech’s accounting and information systems programs attract many excellent students who often become highly successful in business. A few notable examples include Lynne Doughtie, CEO and Chair of KPMG; and Phil Bullock, Director of Global Tax for Apple Corp. ACIS majors are among the most highly recruited students on campus and are consistently in the top three majors with regard to the number of employment interviews received per student. The vast majority of our students obtain quality jobs before they graduate. Each year, about 175 students graduate from our undergraduate program.

Accounting Option (ACCT)

This program provides basic education for careers in public accounting (CPA) firms, corporations, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations. The program prepares graduates to earn the CPA, CMA, and other professional accounting certifications. In Virginia, 150 hours of course work are required to sit for the CPA exam, and we encourage students to enroll in the 152-hour program during Spring of their junior year. You should also check the requirements for your state to sit for the CPA exam.

Information Systems Audit Option (ISA)

This program is designed to prepare students for careers as information systems auditors and information systems professionals in enterprise risk-assurance services, computer risk-management services, and other systems assurance services in business, government, or nonprofit organizations. It prepares graduates to earn the CISA, CPA (150 hour requirement), as well as other professional certifications. Students are encouraged to enroll in the 152-hour program.

Clubs and Organizations

Accounting Society

A professional organization that brings together accounting majors, professors, and potential employers on a regular basis. Eric A. Martin, Advisor.

Beta Alpha Psi

The national honor society and professional accounting fraternity which brings together faculty and business professionals. Michael Wolfe, Advisor.

National Association of Black Accountants

The Virginia Tech Student Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants unites students who have similar interests and ideals, are committed to academic and future professional excellence, possess a sense of professional and civic responsibility, and are concerned with enhancing opportunities for minorities in the accounting profession. Kecia Smith, Advisor.

Career Outlook

Graduates from the ACIS Department are among the most highly recruited graduates of any department at Virginia Tech. The “Big Four” public accounting firms, other international and national accounting firms, and strong regional public accounting firms consider the department to be a point of emphasis in their recruiting efforts. Our graduates are also recruited by major industrial/service companies and by federal and state governmental agencies. Examples of public accounting firms that hire significant numbers of the department’s graduates include Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Grant Thornton, RSM, Cherry Bekaert LLP, Baker Tilly, Yount Hyde & Barbour, and Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C. Graduates also have significant opportunities to go with such companies as General Electric, IBM, Wells Fargo, DuPont, Marriott, Accenture, Capgemini, American Management Systems, Verizon, and BearingPoint. In addition, our students have opportunities with government agencies such as the GAO, IRS, and Auditor of Public Accounts. The list above is by no means exhaustive. Each fall, the college sponsors Business Horizons. More than 125 employers typically attend this event, and virtually all of these potential employers seek graduates from our department.


Scholarships, administered by the department’s scholarship committee, are given to students whose primary major is accounting and information systems. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, the ACIS Department awards scholarships to over 100 of our students each year. We encourage students to apply for these scholarships.

For More Information

John J. Maher, Department Head
Accounting & Information Systems (0101)
Pamplin Hall, STE 3007, Virginia Tech
880 West Campus Drive,
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Phone: 540-231-6591  Fax: 540-231-2511
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Accounting and Information Systems Courses

1004 – Accounting Foundations

1504 – Introduction to Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

2115-2116 – Principles of Accounting

2504 – Personal Computers in Business

3115-3116 – Intermediate Financial Accounting

3314 – Tax Impact on Decisions

3414 – Auditing, Governance, and Professional Ethics

3504 – Accounting Systems and Controls

3564 – Management Information Systems

4024 – Information Systems Audit and Control

4114 – Advanced Financial Accounting

4124 – Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting

4194 – Analysis of Financial Statements

4214 – Cost Planning and Control

4314 – Principles of Taxation

4414 – Financial Statement Auditing

4504 – Accounting Application Development

4554 – Networks and Telecommunications in Business

4684 – Information Systems Security and Assurance


aCurling Professor of Accounting Information Systems:
W.E. Seago

John F. Carroll, Jr. Professor of Accounting and Information Systems:
J.J. Maher

John M. Peterson, Jr. Professor of Accounting and Information Systems:
J.G. Jenkins

KPMG Professor of Information Systems:
R. Barkhi

R.B. Pamplin Professors of Accounting and Information Systems:
F. Belanger
W. Fan

Visiting Professors:

S.D. Sheetz
S. Bhattacharjee

Associate Professors:
L.L. Lisic
D.A. Salbador
D.P. Tegarden
L.G. Wallace

Assistant Professors
M.A. Cobabe
R.H. Davidson
M.J. Erickson
T.B. Hansen
M.K. Harding
S.M. Hillison
J. Huang
E.S. Johnson
K.W. Smith
S.E. Stein
M.C. Wolfe

Associate Professor of Practice
N.A. Rogers

Assistant Professor of Practice
L.A. Almond

C.M. Easterwood
D.P. Garner
J.M. Lacoste
E.A. Martin
J.P. Sharp
J.L. Shortt

Professors Emeritus
R.M. Brown
S.A. Hicks
L.N. Killough
K.W. Kubin
W.E. Leininger
F.M. Richardson
T.K. Sen
J.A. Yardley