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University Policy 91

University Policy 91 outlines university-wide minimum criteria to determine if students are making satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degrees. Pamplin Undergraduate Programs and all Pamplin College of Business departments fully support this policy.


~Pamplin College of Business students must complete all shaded courses (ACIS 1504, MATH 1525-1526, ACIS 2115-2116, ECON 2005-2006, BIT 2405-2406) by 72 attempted credits*

*incoming freshmen enrolling with 18 credits or more, students transferring to Pamplin from another major at VT, or students transferring from another institution have until 90 attempted credits to complete the shaded courses

~ Pamplin College of Business students must complete all shaded courses with grades of C- or better

~ Pamplin College of Business students must earn a 2.0 GPA in shaded courses

~ Pamplin College of Business students must declare a major by 72 attempted credits

Students who do not meet the conditions set forth will not be eligible to remain in the Pamplin College of Business.  However, under special circumstances, a student may be eligible for a Policy 91 alternate plan.  A student will need to discuss eligibility for an alternate plan with their assigned academic advisor.

This standard was reviewed and approved by the Pamplin Undergraduate Curriculum Committee spring 2014.

Business Core Minimum Grade Requirement

Pamplin students who are graduating 2018 and later are required to earn a grade of C- or better in the 15 core business courses.  The business core includes:

ACIS 1504

MATH 1525-1526

ACIS 2115- 2116

BIT 2405- 2406

ECON 2005- 2006

MGT 3304

MKTG 3104

FIN 3104

BIT 3414

FIN 3054 or 3074

MGT 4394


If a grade of C- or better is not earned, the course must be repeated until the required grade is earned.  However, please be aware that the university has a repeat policy that limits the number of attempts per course.  The limit is 3 attempts.  For more information on the repeat policy, please refer to the “University Course Catalog and Academic Policies” catalog

Additional University Policies

Additional university policies and procedures can be found in the Undergraduate Course Catalog and Academic Policies catalog