The Pamplin Business Services Center (BSC) operates under the Associate Dean for Administration and provides financial and human resource support to all non-academic areas managed by the Dean. The BSC also acts as a resource for administrative issues handled by Pamplin academic areas including the undergraduate and graduate programs. The goal of the BSC is to provide high-quality customer service, while maintaining compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.

Where we’re located

  • Pamplin Hall, Suite 28
  • 880 West Campus Drive Blacksburg, VA 24061

Areas Supported by the Business Center

Research • Development • Alumni Relations • Undergraduate Advising • International Programs • Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics • Marketing and Social Media • Information Technology • Communications

Who to Contact

Beth Osborne
Beth Osborne, M.Ed., PHR, SHRM-CP
Director of Finance,
Center Director
(540) 231-2146
Dean’s Area Administrative Operations
»Financial Planning
»Human Resources
»Endowment Management
Katie Wilburn
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance
Pamplin Business Services Center
»Assistant to the Director
»Front office manager
»Wage Hiring and Payroll Custodian
»Records Custodian (hardcopy and electronic)
»Administrative Assistant to the Fiscal and Administrative Group
Ashley Crawford
Ashley Crawford, M.B.A.
Business Manager
(540) 231-7372
» Centralized Budgets and Financial Reporting
» Reporting
» Transfers, Gift Reporting, and Fund Management
» Specialist
» Agreement Custodian
Sarah Messer
Sarah Messer, Business Center Specialist
(540) 231-2180
»Faculty and Staff Actions
»New Hire and Payroll Specialist
»Employee Records Custodian
»Sponsored Grant Specialist
Cindy Williams Cindy Williams
Business Services Center Coordinator
(540) 231-4895
»Accounts Payable Specialist
»Vendor Liaison
»Procurement and Travel Specialist
»Financial Transaction Reconciliation
»Financial Records Custodian